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DEUX's Lee Hyun-do, who made a mark on the Korean hip-hop scene, and the artists who want to carry on that spirit, have teamed up to release a digital single. It's called "Hip-Hop Spirit 2023. A track from DEUX's last album "DEUX FOREVER," one of their most iconic works, it was remade by Jupiter, 365Lit, Toigo, and Paloalto with Lee Hyun Do leading the way, and each artist delivers the message of "Carry On Tradition" in their own way. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Genie Music, Melon, and other music sites.

Available In-store 5/5(Fri.) 12pm KST and Online 5/5(Fri.) 10am KST
• US Online 5/4(Thu.) 6pm PDT 9pm EDT
• EU Online 5/5(Fri.) 3am CEST
• WeChat 5/5(Fri.) 9am CST

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